I Am Blind but I Hear Life Better Than You


Blup Au is blind.

When he was 5 years old, he contracted an acute eyes allergy but living in Tay Nguyen, a highland area in central Viet Nam, there was no way to get medical treatment or even money to pay for it. His mother tried different herbs and leaves with no success. Desperate, she finally used bear bile, an acid that unfortunately blinded her son. In the small village of Ro Buop, everyone thought that his life was over.

From then on little Au would focus on sounds, developing a great hearing ability by listening to the music played by the sole radio of the village. In 1995, Au, as if life was not hard enough, accidentally touched a gun he couldn’t see,  setting it off and killing his own mother. His father to compensate for the loss bought him a radio and Au further developed aural memory. He could remember and sing any song after hearing it twice.

In 2001, it all came together. A group of students came to the village to do some volunteer work and at night, sang and played guitar around a campfire. Blup Au borrowed the instrument and amazed everyone at how quickly he could play a song on it. Astounded, the students gave him the guitar and  his life changed forever.

Blup Au still lives in his village. He looks like an ordinary villager who goes into the forest to cut woods, catch wild vegetables or grab snails in mountain streams. But when Au start playing guitar for children, for the community or just for himself he becomes a poet, proud of sharing his gifts for the delight of others.

Life can and will take unexpected turns. If you believe that what happens to you can get you closer to your gifts, you are a winner. Mark Lewis, previously featured here said it from first hand experience, whatever lemon life throws at you, turn it into an opportunity. Blup Au heard that song a long time ago. Via vietnamnet.vn

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