A Homeless Everyone (now) Loves


Faron Hall was asking for spare change to a teen. That teen didn’t have any and walked away but if he had known what would happen later, he would have offered his entire savings to the homeless man.

In Winnipeg, Canada, life is hard for everyone. For those living in the fringes of the society it is much more than that. Years ago, Faron Hall was a promising teacher aid and a college student when his mother was murdered. Unable to cope with the situation, he slowly drifted into low paying jobs and alcohol.

From his makeshift home on the riverbank, Faron Hall saw the same teen falling from the bridge into the Red river, swift and swollen from flood waters. Suddenly there was no more spare change, hard times or alcohol. A life had to be saved and Faron dove into the river. He saved the teen’s life and became an instant hero in Canada.

Later, at a press conference, he had this to say: “All us homeless people, we’re not all stupid idiots. We’re not all bums who dress dirty,” he said. “Don’t judge the way we dress; judge right here, in the mind and in the heart.”

Remember, don’t judge. You are looking at another human being who is in a difficult situation. I agree that it is not easy not to judge, so from now on I will remember what Faron Hall did one day in Winnipeg.  Via cbc.ca

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