Where You Come From Doesn’t Matter


Priti, a young woman from India ranked 92th in a national exam. Well that’s about it. It wouldn’t even  make  the news in some parts of the world but in India, it is big news. First, this exam is the Union Public Service Commission examination, a very difficult test with a lot of hopefuls and very few chosen to join what is called the elite IAS (Indian Administrative Service.)

Second, Priti is from a small village,  near the unfortunate city of Bhopal, where her father is a daily wage labourer. But Priti, even though the odds of succeeding where stacked against her, soldiered on, tutoring kids to earn money for school and having relatives chip in.  You can guess now that the whole village of Sehore is proud of her. She is also a role model for other girls. See, everything is about perspective. Via hindustantimes.com and ndtv.com

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