Mohammad Khalil (Pakistani Driver)


He was the bus driver when the Sri Lankan national team was ambushed by terrorists last month. Risking his life, he drove the players to safety. He is now a hero in Sri Lanka. Via

Hee Ah Lee (Korean Pianist)

by on January 17, 2009
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She gives piano concerts all over the world. She has only four fingers. Via neatorama

Chris Llewellyn (US Musician)

by on January 10, 2009
in Selflessness


The hip-hop bassist didn’t hesitate one second when a male flight attendant cried for help. With others he quickly subdued a passenger who was trying to open the rear emergency exit. Via

Xavier Helgesen (US Entrepreneur)


While in college, with 2 friends, he founded a company around selling books and made it  into a successful business. But this business is centered on funding world literacy efforts and being carbon neutral. Via BetterWorldBooks

Bilaal Rajan (Canadian Student)

by on January 8, 2009
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He is a student, son, author, public speaker and fundraising phenomenon specializing in crisis relief. And he is just 12. Via

Tim Tebow (US Football player)


The quarterback didn’t wait to be a star player before doing good around him. The kids of an orphanage near the city of General Santos in the Southern Philippines have been knowing him for a while. Via The Canadian Press

Zachary Bonner (US Student)

by on January 5, 2009
in Awareness, Teens


He started helping homeless people, especially kids, at age 7. Four years later, he is going strong not caring about adult cynicism who think an 11-year old cannot raise so much money and gifts. Via ABC News

Sharon Sia (Singaporian Caregiver)


She put on hold her studies, career and social life to care for her disabled sister. She is even embarassed by all the attention she is getting although her sister needs a new surgery. Via The New Paper

Ryan Cunningham (US Hero)

by on January 2, 2009
in Selflessness


As the smoke started billowing from the apartment below, he didn’t hesitate to enter the place even though he couldn’t see anything. He couldn’t breathe either. Via

Alberto Cairo (Italian Therapist)


He has been living in Afghanistan for almost 20 years. How come? His answer: “If you can improve the life of a person it gives you so much joy.” Afghans love him too. Via

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