Laurence Spungen (US CEO)

by on February 4, 2009
in Business, USA


He sold is very successful company. His employees worried about their future. But he had an amazing surprise for them all. Via

Daisy Balingit (Filipina Entrepreneur)


A housewife struggling to live with her husband and her 3 children, she did not hesitate to get a business off the ground thanks to UN micro-financing. She leads now other women and men in her thriving smoked-fish business. Via Irin

Xavier Helgesen (US Entrepreneur)


While in college, with 2 friends, he founded a company around selling books and made it  into a successful business. But this business is centered on funding world literacy efforts and being carbon neutral. Via BetterWorldBooks

Adrian Fagan (Barbadian Taxi Driver)


His honesty pushed him to look for the rightful owner of a bag forgotten in his taxi. But as the bag didn’t have any nametag, it was not easy to find him. Via

John Legend (US Singer)

by on December 13, 2008
in Awareness, Business


Moved by a trip to Ghana in 2007, he decided to do something but not just to hand out money. He wanted to help people lift themselves out of poverty. Via His foundation Show Me Campaign

Mwadawa Ruziga (Tanzanian Entrepreneur)

by on December 10, 2008
in Business, Family


She raised herself and her 5 children out of poverty. Now she is community leader helping others who are following her example. Via Millennium Promise and

Sean Marx (US Entrepreneur)

by on December 6, 2008
in Business, USA


He was inspired by the late Paul Newman. He created his own office products company 17 years ago and since then with his partner Mike Hannigan has been giving more than half his profits to charities. Via SFBizTimes

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