David Valle (US Baseball Player)


The first time David Valle went to play outside of the US, it was in the Dominican Republic. As he said later, he didn’t know what to expect and was relieved to see many children running towards him after he left the ballpark. After all, back in America, kids would ask for his autograph all the time.

He was stunned when he finally understood that they didn’t care much about him. They were hungry and just wanted some food. Shaken by this experience he made the decision to help them and their families.

In 1995, one year before retiring, he founded a non-profit, Esperanza, which means hope in Spanish. Since then, through microfinanced loans he has helped hundreds of Dominicans start a small business to end the circle of poverty they were trapped in. He has now expanded operations to neighboring Haiti.

Update: an example of Esperanza’s success: Milan Tapia

Iris Billing (UK Mother)

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When her own daughter died from cancer, she decided to make it easier for teenage cancer patients and their parents facing such a difficult ordeal. Hence she founded Tanya’s Courage, a wish from her daughter. The NPO supports families facing the same situation. Via thisiscornwall.co.uk

Hee Ah Lee (Korean Pianist)

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She gives piano concerts all over the world. She has only four fingers. Via neatorama

Jim Lewin (US Grandpa)


He didn’t hesitate to save his granddaughter from an oncoming truck. That meant not being able to avoid it himself. Via 9news.com

John Halgrim (US High School Student)


When the Make-A-Wish foundation visited him on his hospital bed he knew what he wanted: to open an orphanange in Africa. His mother just visited the newly opened place of hope for Kenyan orphans. Via DailyGood – John Halgrim’s orphanage

Johan & Sherry (US Adopting parents)


They were looking to adopt a child. A pregnant mother his giving them her own twins soon to be born. More to their beautiful story on their website.

Update: They are now the proud parents of two beautiful baby girls.

Daisy Balingit (Filipina Entrepreneur)


A housewife struggling to live with her husband and her 3 children, she did not hesitate to get a business off the ground thanks to UN micro-financing. She leads now other women and men in her thriving smoked-fish business. Via Irin

Fadumo Mohamed Hassan (Somalian Mother)


She is extremely poor. She has 7 children and she is stuck in an area of intense fighting in Mogadishu. But she does her best to provide for her family. Via Irinnews

Sharon Sia (Singaporian Caregiver)


She put on hold her studies, career and social life to care for her disabled sister. She is even embarassed by all the attention she is getting although her sister needs a new surgery. Via The New Paper

Carey Barrett (Canadian Organ Donor)

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Pay it forward seems to be his motto. He gave one of his organs to a complete stranger as part of a program aimed at making waiting lists of organ donation shrink. Via TheCitizen.com Donation program TheNead.com

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