Jorma Hogbacka (Canadian Welder)

by on February 6, 2009
in Canada, Friendship


He used to choose his lottery numbers in the same coffee shop week after week. He befriended the waitresses there and promised to give them a share if he would win. When that happened, he made sure to track them down to hand them their check. Via

Anne Mahlum (US jogger)

by on February 5, 2009
in Friendship, USA


She loved to run every morning in Philadelphia, PA. On her way, she passed a homeless shelter and  developed a good relationship with the men there. She encouraged them to join her and by running they started to turn their life around. Via

Xavier Helgesen (US Entrepreneur)


While in college, with 2 friends, he founded a company around selling books and made it  into a successful business. But this business is centered on funding world literacy efforts and being carbon neutral. Via BetterWorldBooks

Bethany Turnbull (British High School Student)


She won the big prize of the year but didn’t think to keep it for herself. She offered it to her best friend Sophie Walker. Via The Northern Echo

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