A Teen With a Big Heart


Where do kids find the impulse to start and achieve things that adults think impossible or are afraid to tackle?

Take Carly Zalenski from Canton, OH. At age 12 she decided she wanted to build a school in Vietnam. Nothing less. She put together a powerpoint presentation and started to pitch her vision at Rotary meetings around Canton. Her idea was not welcomed. Can you imagine? Building a school in Vietnam, the former communist country where so many Americans died? And pitched by a 12-year-old.

As unbelievable as it might seems, despite a lot of frustrations, Carly managed to raise half of the money for that school in 18 months, the other half being matched by the Vietnam Children’s Fund. She didn’t stop there and raised additional funds to buy and donate 500 backpacks full of school supplies.

Think about that school again. Whatever is your age and situation right now, would you take up the challenge? How come Carly could start such a thrilling (and scary)  project and not you? No excuses please. There are none. Plenty others could do it.

You may say, “oh, I am not into schools.” Nobody cares. It’s just about you. Research, pick a place and start, that’s all it takes. Along the way people will give a hand, like they did for  Carly. But it all starts from you. If you are sincere, people will join and help your cause, even if it is not for a school. ;)

Via dosomething.org

I Started Young to Help Others and you Can Do it Too


American Tara Suri is young but she already has accomplished a lot. She started at age 13 when on a trip to India she couldn’t bear to see orphans abandoned in the streets. She raised money to help them and since then she has won numerous grants and sponsorships to finance her ideas on how the world should be. She now encourages other teens to take action through her umbrella non-profit ‘Turn Your world Around‘.

Tara’s facebook page.

Michael Davidson (US Neighbor)


Where does courage comes from? Michael from Tonawanga, NY, would tell you he just did what he thought was the right thing to do. Going into his neighbor’s house on fire and saving two kids and an infant baby. Doing what he hope another would do to his family under the same circumstances. Via lockportjournal.com

Emily Miller (US Teen Fundraiser)


After the shooting that happened last month in Binghamton, NY, many are still fearful. Not Emily. She sprang into action and set up a garage sale in front of her home to raise money for the victims’ families.  Emily says that she is not ‘proud’ but just doing what she thinks is the right thing. Via pressconnects.com

Alec Loorz (US Teen Activist)


When he was 12, Alec watched Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” and decided to take action. He wanted to be one of the trained presenters of the former vice precident’s slide show but was rejected because he was too young. He made his own and started giving presentations on climate change to school groups. Now at 14, Alec is giving presentations around the US and is supercharged to get the word out. And he finally met his hero: Al gore. Via venturacountystar.com

Tiffany Sauls (US High School Student)


Tiffany, from Albertville, AL, when she was 12, picked up the phone to call the police. She was scared and wanted to escape abuse from her drug-addicted mother. She had the courage to denounce her mother. Strangely enough her parents had divorced twice but officials didn’t question her mother’s ability to raise young children. This is what Tiffany is fighting for, changing the law to make it tougher for parents suspected of abusing drugs to win custody or visitation rights.Via sandmountainreporter.com

David Sanchez (US High School Student)

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David from Racine, WI,  noticed a lot of homeless students in Racine. After researching, he found out that there were more than 1000 homeless kids just in the Racine Unified School District. He then took action and created his own organization  to match them with part-time jobs. These days he is busy talking to employers and community leaders to introduce his program. His efforts have already paid because in February he won $10,000 in seed money and more might be on the way. Via journaltimes.com

David’s organization, Job-Link

Aaron Walker (US Teen)


Back in February, Aaron, from Garland, TX, was going to enlist in the Army. After celebrating, an unfortunate car accident made him lose both legs. But just before being hit he had time to save one of his friends who escaped the accident with almost no injuries. That friend says now that he saved her life.

The amazing thing though is Aaron’s spirit. As he says: “Being negative doesn’t help anything. If you don’t think you’re going to get better, you’re not going to get better. [...] I know I’m going to be back to the same.”Via dallasnews.com

Help Aaron pay for his costly hospital and rehabilitation bills through his fund.

Aaron his on facebook. Support him!

Robert Harris (US Worker)


At 6 am he was just thinking about getting to work. When he saw a fire and a mother panicked he quickly rushed in a building in flames to save lives. Twice. Even a third time to make sure nobody was left behind. Of course, he then went to work.  Via redcrossillinois.org

David Halley (US Doctor)

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In Colombus, OH,  one of his nurses was doing an excellent job but was a mother of 6 and homeless. He offered her new home. Via marionstar.com

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