Leading by Example


With his wife, Indian Doctor Anjali Ashokan took the most difficult decision of his life and raised the awareness of organ donations in a country that is not used to do it. Via indianexpress.com


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  1. Dr.Ashokan says:

    sir, I am dr.ashokan, father of Master.A.P.Hithendran my elder son who was declared brain dead a day after craniotomy was done to him following a severe head injury in a road accident, he was not wearing his helmet. We were fully aware of the situation and decided to donate our beloved son’s vital organs to the needy, following the incident the news was flashed in all the news papers and a Tamil daily dinakaran published the events in detail, following our footsteps several people during similar situations came forward to donate their dear one’s organs to the needy. My wife and I have started a Trust in our son’s memory and we call it A.P.HITHENDRAN MEMORIAL TRUST. The main aim of the trust is to bring an awareness about brain death, organ donation and road safety awareness. We started attending many public meetings and schools and colleges annual day and other function to spread the message on organ donation. We welcome the public to call us during any time if they have doubts about organ donation and the truth about brain death. Till date well wishers and the Government has helped us in a big way to accomplish our mission. dr.ashokan

  2. Thank you very much for your comments and your actions. If you have a website for the Trust Fund please feel free to post it here or let us know how we can send money to the Trust.

  3. Dr.Ashokan says:

    Respected sir, my wife Dr.Pushpanjali and myself Thank you for responding immediately on March 11 Th. But I did not see your blog for till today, today is Tamil new years day and our family since morning was so depressed thinking of our hithendran who was with us last year and as I was not able to sleep I was watching the movie ‘THE INVISIBLE ‘ on star movies. It remained me of our son in the ICU and wished some miracle had happened he would been alive, at the end of movie I realized that was not the reality, the reality was he was brain dead like many in this world after a sever brain injury. We still think that hithu is alive in others and we want everyone to fallow our foot steps in situation like ours, we want help the families after they done the multi organ donations . Poor donors family call me and ask if the Government of India is going to keep up the promise which it made during honoring function for the organ donors family. But nothing has been done till date due to parliament elections. We are in touch with these families and we have promised them that we will do our best after the elections to contact the concerned authorities to full fill their promised. The health minister promised us he will sanction free second class train ticket to travel any where in India for life for the near relative, and medical insurance for the near relatives, till date the government has not done any thing. We are going to represent this after the elections through our trust. The name of our trust is A.P.HITHENDRAN MEMORIAL TRUST. THE ADDRESS IS NO.2, 5TH STREET, TEACHERS NAGAR. TIRUKALUKUNDRAM. KANCHEEPURAM DISTRICT, TAMIL NADU, INDIA. PIN CODE. 603109. Till date some dozen people have donated to our trust account Rs.226861. which I have kept in the trust account , I have not spent any money till date, I operate from my house because as on now I don’t want to spend on a separate building for the trust. I request the organizer of the awareness programme to spend for my travel and stay. I spend my money for the communication and other small expenses. Off late I have been invited by the zonal coordinating committee for organ donation in Karnataka to attend a symposium to teach the ICU staff of various hospitals in Karnataka our neibouring state. If you can donate us please send what ever you could do to our TRUST ACCOUNT NO 25218. CANARA BANK. THIRUKAZHUKUNDRAM OR YOU CAN SEND US AN ACCOUNT PAYEE CHEQUE IN FAVOUR OF A.P.HITHENDRAN MEMORIAL TRUST. THIRUKAZHUKUNDRAM.
    MY EMAIL ID. anja@rediffmail.com


    The aims and objects of the Trust

    a) To create public awareness on road safety

    b) To work with N.G.G.O.s and Government Organization, who have the same motive to create public awareness on road safety?

    c) To educate General Public to create awareness an organ donation.

    d) To devote itself exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes relating to organ procurement and transplantation in India.

    e) to work towards establishment of an organ procurement and transplantation network.

    f) to undertake such other activities as would promote organ and tissue donation in order to save lives, such as eye-banks, blood banks and organ banks.

    g) to conduct seminars workshops etc., to highlight the importance of support services to the transplant patients and work for the establishment of such support services.

    h) to start, take over or run any institution imparting knowledge or training in any of the above objects

    i) to start any institution imparting medical education such as nursing, physiotherapy, radiology, medical or dental college or allied subjects.


  4. Hello Dr. Ashokan,
    Thank you very much for your answer.
    In order for us to help you, it would be helpful to have a more convenient way to make donations. I am sending you a private mail to discuss this matter.
    Let me also praise again all the efforts you are doing with your wife to raise awareness on road safety and organ donation.

    Thank you.

  5. Ebani says:

    Hello! I’m a student and this amazing. thx for sharing

  6. Thank you for the video! I hope you are doing OK. :)

  7. RIA says:

    Respected Dr. Ashokan,
    you came for the world heart day -work with heart organised in kalaivanar arangam. i was present there . im Pursuing journalism, and i was really impressed by your speech . we are doing a project and specializing on organ donation. Im trying to find out your number . i wish you could help me.
    thanking u

  8. Great! I hope the two of you can meet soon. :)

  9. dr.ashokan says:

    Dear MrJean-Philippe, nice to hear from you. Greetings from Tirukalukundram, kindly visit our site, http://www.aphithendranmemorialtrust.org with fond regards. dr.ashokan

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